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Pathology Services - Patient Instructions

Here are some guidelines which will help to prepare yourself better for various laboratory tests. Kindly contact our customer care team to know about any special instructions for sample collection.


Although, its advisable to perform the tests on a fasting sample, except post-prandial or random samples, this helps us to minimize the interference of the factors affecting the result. There are some of the tests for which strict fasting is required( 8- 12 hours) in which light snack or morning tea is not taken.

Some of the common test performed on fasting are:

  • Fasting Sugar
  • Lipid Profile
  • Insulin - Fasting
  • Cortisol- Morning
  • Vitamin D
  • Vitamin B12
  • C-peptide fasting etc.

Smoking or eating just before sample collection is not advisable.


Glucose test (Glucose tolerance, Fasting and Post prandial -Sugar) - Many sugar tests, might need sample collection at specified interval and time. Kindly stay in the lab during this duration as exertion can affect the glucose levels.


Lipid Profile - Requires 10-12 hours of strict fasting (without drinks or food).


Creatinine - Kindly refrain from eating meat as some studies have shown that eating meat, prior to testing can temporarily raise the creatinine level.


Fecal Occult blood test: Its advisable to avoid, meat, painkillers, iron tablets, vitamin c tablets 3 days prior to sample collection as it can give a false result


Fecal Occult blood test: Its advisable to avoid, meat, painkillers, iron tablets, vitamin c tablets 3 days prior to sample collection as it can give a false result


5-HIAA test - Avoid banana, kiwi, walnut, avocado, brinjal, pineapple, plum, tomato & drugs like Fluorouracil, Melphalan, Paracetamol & Acetaminophen, Heparin, L-dopa, Reserpine, Salicylates,


Cortisol (Morning & Evening Sample): As the tests is affected by diurnal variation, overnight fasting is preferred for collecting morning sample. It should be drawn between 7-9 AM. 4 hr fasting is preferred for evening sample. It should be drawn between 3-5 pm.


Plasma Renin Activity: Overnight fasting is recommended. Patient should be ambulatory 2 hours prior to the test. Kindly contact the consulting physician regarding the medication.


Urine Culture sample:

For men – Clean the head of the penis with wet clean cotton. Pull back the foreskin Rinse the cleaned area again with a new wet cotton

For women - Hold labia apart and clean perineal area from front to back with wet cotton ball

  • Remove the lid container
  • Begin urinating
  • Put the container in the urine stream in between.
  • When the container is filled two-third, close the lid container.
  • Label it (Name, Date, Test type).
  • Give the sample to the collection staff.

24 hr Urine sample collection: Collect the collection bottle from the lab with added preservative

  • First morning sample needs to be discarded.
  • Collect the samples afterwards till 24 hour( Example 7 am to 7 am).
  • Drink liquid as taken regularly and do not drink alcohol.
  • Keep the sample refrigerated.

Semen Collection: 3- 5 days abstinence is recommended.

  • Sample needs to be collected in a sterile container.
  • Onsite collection is recommended. However if you want to collect the sample outside, kindly send the sample to lab within 30 minutes. Sample should not be exposed to heat.
  • Variation is the report can be present. Retest is generally recommended.

Therapeutic Drug Monitoring (Cyclosporine C0 and C2 levels): C0 levels: Just before the next dose, C2 levels: 2 hours after taking the dose.


Fine needle aspiration cytology (FNAC): In this tests, cells are aspirated from the lump or swelling present on the body. Both Direct FNAC or Image guided FNAC can be done. Type of FNAC to be done is decided by the Pathologist after examining the patients.

  • No local Anaesthesia is needed. Most people do not feel any pain during the procedure.
  • At times there can be mild swelling , pain or haemoatoma at the site of FNAC. Cold compresses can be given afterward to reduce it.

Reporting time can be confirmed by the collection staff.


Online reports are also available.


For some of the tests Amniotic Fluid, Cord blood Karyotyping, NIPT test, PGS AND PGD PNDT form is mandatory with ID-proof and photo


HLA-Typing and Paternity tests need ID-Proof along with photograph with written consent.


Kindly bring consulting doctors prescription with previous history and tests reports which are stored at our system and are helpful in correlating reports.


You can discuss the reports telephonically or personally with Doctor if needed.

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