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At Modern Diagnostic, We understand the discomfort caused by acidity and offer comprehensive solutions for diagnosis and management. Our specialized tests help identify the underlying causes of acidity, including gastric reflux, gastritis, and Helicobacter pylori infection. With state-of-the-art facilities and experienced professionals, we provide accurate and reliable results. Our tailored acidity testing packages offer a range of diagnostic options, such as gastroscopy, pH monitoring, and blood tests. By pinpointing the root causes of acidity, we can develop personalized treatment plans to alleviate your symptoms and improve your digestive health. Schedule your acidity testing appointment today and take a step towards effective management.

In 2018, a significant milestone was achieved with the installation of the first Siemens Attelica system in the entire United Arab Emirates (UAE) and South Asia. This technological advancement marked a crucial step forward in the region's healthcare infrastructure, enabling state-of-the-art diagnostic capabilities and improving patient care through advanced laboratory solutions.

In 2014, We got accredited by NABH and became the first imaging lab in Haryana with NABH accreditation, marking yet another milestone and government recognition in our long history of success and achievements. 

With this recognition, Modern Diagnostic and Research Centre became the First Lab in Haryana to be Accredited with both NABH and NABL certification enhancing the trust of the entire nation.

With changing times we recognized the need for constantly evolving and addressing the need for new technology to ensure that we can provide our patients with the best available imaging services.

With this mission, we focused our efforts and brought the Dual Source Dual Energy Cardiac CT service to Modern Diagnostic and Research Centre and became the first private lab to do so in North India.

In 2008, we became the first Private lab in Haryana to be recognised by the Government with NABL Accreditation marking the first of many recognitions that were about to come as we continue to serve the people.

With this landmark achievement, the Modern Diagnostic and Research Centre became the synonym of trust for the people of Gurugram and Haryana, and by extension the whole nation. 

In 2004, Modern Diagnostic Research & Centre achieved a groundbreaking milestone by introducing the first MRI services in a private center in Haryana. This marked a pivotal moment in healthcare, offering the community access to state-of-the-art diagnostic capabilities. Our commitment to quality care led us to invest in this cutting-edge technology, enabling early detection of medical conditions and enhancing patient care. Over the years, we've continued to evolve, expanding our diagnostic services and staying at the forefront of medical technology. This milestone exemplifies our dedication to innovation and underscores our mission of providing accurate and timely diagnoses, ensuring the well-being of our patients

In 1998, we recognised the need for mammography in Gurugram and to serve the backbone of human civilization, the women, we became the first to introduce mammography services to the city.

We extended our services in servitude to the women of Gurugram and marked yet another milestone in the Gurugram Healthcare industry ensuring women’s health and quality life.

Within 2 years of bringing CT Scan in Gurugram. We placed Gurugram on the Healthcare map of India by bringing the First Digital X-ray machines to India in 1997 revolutionising the healthcare industry yet again. 

We, at Modern Diagnostic and Research Centre, prioritise what is best for the people above all and by becoming pioneers in the industry we extended our servitude to Gurugram and the whole nation.

In 1995, the Modern Diagnostic and Research Centre revolutionised Healthcare in Gurugram by being the first to introduce CT Scan services. With this milestone, we solidified the trust of the people in us.

Marking a significant breakthrough in the Healthcare industry in Gurugram, we continued to serve the people of Gurugram with utmost dedication and non-tiring efforts by focusing on what we do best, serve the people

In 1986, we at Modern Diagnostic and Research Centre recognised the need for Ultrasound in Gurugram and dedicated all our efforts to fulfilling that requirement to enhance healthcare for the people of Gurugram.

We became the pioneer of Ultrasound services in Gurugram and have been one of the most trusted diagnostic labs in Gurugram by serving the people of Gurugram and bringing the latest technology.


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First in India to introduce comphrensive testing of Psychiatric Drug Testing.


First NABH accreditation Imaging private lab in Haryana


First Dual Source Dual Energy Cardiac CT in private Diagnostic Centre in North India.


First NABL Accreditation private lab in Haryana


First mammography machine in Gurugram.


First Digital X-ray in India


First CT Scan in Gurugram


First Ultrasound in Gurugram


Dental Screen


Experience comprehensive cardiology services in Gurugram and cutting- edge tests and packages at Modern Diagnostic & Research Centre. Our skilled cardiologists and state-of-the-art facilities ensure accurate diagnosis and personalized care...

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