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Diabetes Tests/Packages

Now days, Diabetes is one of the most common medical conditions that can affect people across all age groups. There are many types of diabetes that people suffer from but Diabetes type 2 is the most common one among them. It is manageable through medication and lifestyle changes to live a healthy, peaceful, and smooth life to prevent complications.

Diabetes is a medical condition in which either your pancreas does not produce the required amount of insulin needed by your body or the insulin-producing cells get destroyed by your antibodies, it is a condition in which for some reason your immune system attacks the cells in your pancreas, it usually diagnosed in children but can affect people of any age.

Symptoms and signs of diabetes include:

  • Increased thirst or dry mouth
  • Fatigue
  • Sudden weight loss
  • Blurred vision
  • Frequent urination
  • Numb hand or feet
  • Slow healing cuts
  • Frequent skin infection
  • Vaginal yeast infection

Main types of diabetes:

Types 2 diabetes: It is the most common form of diabetes that most people suffer from, it can affect adults and children as well. With type 2 diabetes, your pancreas does not produce the required amount of insulin or body cell does not respond to it.

Type 1 diabetes: It is an auto immune disease in which for some unknown reason your immune system attacks the insulin producing cells in pancreas.

Prediabetes: It is condition in your blood sugar level in higher than the normal.

Gestational diabetes: It usually a temporary diabetic condition for women during pregnancy.

Popular test package for diagnosis of diabetes at modern diagnostic Gurgaon:

HbA1C test: This glycated hemoglobin test, provides your average blood sugar level over past two or three month.

Lipid profile: Lipid profile is a panel of test used to determine the abnormalities in blood lipid profile of the patient.

Fasting blood glucose test: This test requires the fasting for eight or nine hours before test as glucose present in food can affect the result. It is used to look at your baseline blood sugar level.


Pathology Packages FAQ

You can’t prevent type 1 diabetes but you can lower the chances of type 2 diabetes by eating healthy food, healthy lifestyle, physical exercise, managing your stress quit smoking and limit alcohol intake.

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