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Allergy Tests/Packages

Allergy Test in Gurugram


Sometimes our immune system responds acutely to foreign substances, which are generally not harmful to most people. This is called an allergy. We can get allergic to many substances, such as dust, pet hairs, and certain food items like dairy products, honey, seafood, nuts, etc. Reactions to such allergies can be as mild as sneezing, coughing, rashes, or life-threatening, like breathing issues, swelling of the throat, etc. Therefore, an allergy test is very important to avoid incidents that may disrupt your life.


Usually, people take these symptoms of allergy very lightly or assume it's caused by seasonal changes but it can be life-threatening as well so it is very important to know firsthand the root cause of your allergic reaction to tackle it in the future and get yourself tested in labs near you. The packages of these tests are pocket-friendly. To know what triggers your immune to act in such a way.

Now allergy tests are not time-consuming. a phlebotomist takes your blood sample and you will get the result in 72 hours.

Common substances people are allergic to:

  • Pets hairs

  • Dairy products (milk, curd, etc.)

  • Seafood (crab, shrimp, prawn etc.)

  • Nuts

  • Dust, dust mites

Common symptoms of allergy are:

  • Tingling or itching in the mouth

  • Swelling of the throat, mouth, face, etc

  • Vomiting

  • Diarrhea

  • Rashes on skin

  • A sudden drop in BP


  • SKIN PRICK TEST: It is also called scratch test, The skin prick test gives an accurate result and is recommended for intense allergic is a little more painful than other tests but gives precise results hence widely recommended.

  • BLOOD TEST: Another common test doctor recommends to diagnose allergies through blood tests. It will measure IgE antibodies in blood to confirm allergy.

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