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What is a Full Body Health Checkup & Why is it Important?

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In the 21st century, there have been many advances in science and technology, but they have made people rely exclusively on technology. People today are so occupied with their lives that they often neglect the importance of their health. People who consume poor quality foods, do not adhere to proper diet routines, do not get enough sleep, and are vulnerable to other environmental factors are reluctant to gradually damage their health.

Now, some people are aware and steer clear of such things that threaten their health. They keep a close eye on their diet, exercise regularly, and seek numerous medical advice. A full body checkup, however, cannot be replaced, and it is the most efficient way to thoroughly understand one's body.

The expert doctors have also reinforced the importance of taking a full body health checkup every 6 months to prevent diseases and decrease the risk of painful treatments and surgeries. Likewise, it might happen that people desire a full body check-up, but due to a lack of guidance, they hesitate. In this article, we will discuss the full body health check-up and its importance.

Full body health checkup - What does it involve?

A full body health checkup is an examination of all the body's organs to determine if there is a possibility of underlying diseases. Health checks are a very effective method of checking the body's functioning and one can receive an early warning that the organs are not working as they should. The full body check-up evaluates the health of various organs such as the heart, liver, kidney, lungs, and other vital organs.

The different types of tests that are conducted in a full body check include:

  • Liver function tests (LFT) like SGPT, SGOT
  • Hepatitis B test
  • Lipid profile test
  • Chest X-rays, ECG, Cardiography
  • Pulmonary lung function test
  • Kidney function test- uric acid, blood urea
  • Diabetes tests which include blood pressure and blood sugar tests
  • Eye check-ups
  • Abdominal check-up - ultrasonography of the abdomen and pelvis area
  • Blood and urine tests
  • Dental checks
  • Cancer tests and many more involve the entire body and its body parts.

Importance of a full body health checkup

Most people think that taking a full body checkup is a waste of money and they avoid such practices. However, they should be educated about the advantages that it can provide. Having a full body check-up can help in detecting disease in its early stages, avoiding the necessity of further expensive procedures.

If you are diagnosed with a disease then no matter when, an investment of money is required, so, why not conduct a full body health check-up and prevent ourselves from any risk? Now, let's discuss the various advantages that a full body health checkup provides:

  • Prevents complications

With a complete body health checkup, future risks can be eliminated. Similarly, if a doctor finds that diabetes and blood pressure levels are borderline, and you may develop these conditions in the future, then they will recommend medication or remedies that you can use to prevent them.

  • Reduced risk in the treatments

A full body health checkup allows you to get signs early if you suffer from any underlying issue. The earlier a disease is diagnosed, the easier and the less complicated it is, and it takes less complexity to get cured. Identification of a disease at a late stage can cause different complications and increase the risk of surgery and treatment.

  • Can be money-saving in the long run

Early detection of a disease or condition can prevent you from the future investment of loads of money in the treatments and the surgeries involved.

  • Increases the life span

A full body health check-up can help you identify your current health status and what precautions and medications you need to take if you experience any symptoms. It can lead to the individual leading a healthy and efficient life.

  • Eliminates the further disease growth

There are certain chronic diseases that when discovered later are incurable and thus fatal. Check-ups of the whole body can be used to detect disease symptoms early so that the necessary steps can be taken to limit its further advancement and cure the condition as soon as possible.

Final words

You can use this article as a guide and find out more about the benefits of a full-body health checkup. Also, do you know of the best places to undergo a full body health checkup? One such is MDRC India. The MDRC offers a large range of diagnostic facilities and performs more than 2500 tests on-site, placing it among the top leagues.

Modern Diagnostic & Research Centre has a highly professional team of doctors who operates incredibly to provide world-class facilities in cities like SrinagarGorakhpurAmritsarKolkataJaipurKurukshetraYamuna Nagar, and Bhiwadi for full body checkups.


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