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1st Floor, Hotel New Al Humza Building, Iqbal Market Karan Nagar Chowk , Srinagar , Jammu & Kashmir - 190010, (India)
Near Mughal Darbar

Modern Diagnostic & Research Centre Srinagar

Modern Diagnostic & Research Centre, Srinagar is now open for your service. Yes, we are talking about the one that has been active in this field for a long time and has served patients in the best way. In fact, they are known to deliver services as the users demand. With their keen focus on improving every second, they are always ready with the latest technology to give you accurate and quick results. The best thing about MDRC is that they offer a large number of tests with an extreme level of convenience. Consider visiting their website once for more information.


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We have deep analytical control on all our labs and insist them

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All of our labs are fully automated, equipped with internationally


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We are at par with the medical tech-driven advances.

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Best Diagnostic Lab in Srinagar

Diagnostic centers have a lot of demands and requests from different people. This is because a large number of people are in the need of such services. In most cases, people are not happy with what they get from the diagnostic labs. This is the main reason why people continue with their search for such things in the long run. But this search has come to an end for those who are living in Srinagar. This is because MDRC is now available there. Now the best diagnostic lab in Srinagar is open for your service. Whether it be imaging or other diagnostic tests, you will get them all with proper attention.

Home Sample Collection in Srinagar

Blood tests remain one of the best and most reliable ones to get more ideas about the underlying diseases and other complex health situations. The procedure to be performed on the patients remains the same but the blood can be used in a large number of ways to test for different diseases. Such a high utility of this technique makes it one of the most reliable and useful. But getting the sample collected in the laboratory is something not liked by a large number of people. This is why home sample collection in Srinagar has been initiated by MDRC. Now you can proceed with such tests by just using your phone while sitting in your home.


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hematology and coagulation 1st Floor, Hotel New Al Humza Building, Iqbal Market Karan Nagar Chowk , Srinagar , Jammu & Kashmir - 190010, (India)
Near Mughal Darbar


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