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Jaundice Tests/Packages

Jaundice is a concerning medical condition which can affect people across any age. The root cause for the jaundice is when body have excess amount of bilirubin in your blood and your liver can’t filter it out of your blood affectively. The old red blood cells break down and leaves bilirubin (a yellow orange pigment) in your blood. Liver filter it out from blood and through your bile duct along with bile, bilirubin reached the small intestine from where it removed in your stool. The common symptoms of jaundice are yellowish skin and white part of eyes will also become yellow which indicates that high bilirubin level in your blood. There are various reasons for the high level of bilirubin in your blood.

Symptoms - 
There are many other symptoms other than the yellow skin. We will look into all the signs and symptoms of jaundice -
•    Fever
•    Stomach pain
•    Chills
•    Dark color of urine
•    Dark color of stool
•    Itchy skin
•    Sudden weight loss
•    Drowsiness

Types of jaundice - 
Mainly there are four types of jaundice which are categorized depending on the collection of bilirubin in your blood. A complete blood count (CBC) test is used to determine the type of jaundice you have.

Prehepatic jaundice -
Prehepatic jaundice is condition in which bilirubin is build up before your blood enters the liver. It means the breaking up of red blood cells and creation of bilirubin.

Hepatic jaundice -
Hepatic jaundice is condition in which your liver can’t process bilirubin maybe cause of a potential liver damage or disease.

Post-hepatic jaundice -
In this condition bilirubin build up after passing of blood through your liver.

Obstructive jaundice -
This type of jaundice is caused when your bile is unable to drain into your intestine cause of a potential narrowed or blocked bile duct.

Test and diagnosis - 

Urinalysis - the analysis of your urine to determine the amount of waste and toxic substances in your urine.

Complete blood count - this blood is used to count the components of blood and measure bilirubin.

Imaging test - imaging tests like MRI and ultrasound are done to rule out the other forms of jaundice. Modern Diagnostic labs near you in Delhi offer effective and accurate testing and results of jaundice and give you and your healthcare provider proper time to plan the treatment plan. If you have any signs and symptoms of jaundice, we suggest you reach out to Modern Diagnostic labs near you in Delhi as soon as possible to detect it at an early stage.

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