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Who Provides the Best Home Sample Collection Services in India?

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In response to the pandemic outbreak, people are showing more concern for their health. It is effective to perform certain tests periodically by the consultation of a doctor to keep track of the health status. A variety of tests can be conducted to determine the health of the body. If any symptoms of the existing disease are found, it can be resolved as soon as possible without letting it become too severe.

Blood tests are an effective way of keeping ourselves informed about our health status. An examination of the blood involves checking different organs of the body, such as the kidney, liver, health, and others. However, as a result of competitiveness and the busy lives of individuals today, people no longer want to stand in long queues for blood tests at the clinic.

Therefore, even if they want to be tested, they are unable to do so because of the length of time involved. As a result, many clinics and doctors today offer the convenience of home collection of samples. This is so that the blood sample can be collected at home without the patient having to travel to the clinic.

Moreover, in this article, we will also discuss the different types of blood tests, how sample collection from home can be the best option for us, and the labs that provide the best home sample collection services.

Blood tests: What does it include?

Blood tests are usually used to determine the health status of organs like the liver, kidney, heart, and thyroid. The blood tests are of different types. Let's discuss the different types of blood tests:

  • Blood tests involve counting different types of cells in the blood. We have a wide range of constituents in our blood that are vital for our bodies and perform a variety of functions. Blood checks can be used to determine the count of red blood cells, white blood cells, platelets, liquid material, or hematocrits.
  • Our body is made up of distinct compounds. Blood tests also ensure the measurement of the different compounds present in the body like potassium, sodium, calcium, phosphorus, and many more.
  • The thyroid of our bodies secretes thyroxine and performs several critical functions. Blood tests can also be used to determine the health of the thyroid glands and whether they are working to their fullest or not.
  • The next type of blood test of the lipid panel. It is used to test the amount of cholesterol present in our bodies. There are both good and bad cholesterol and blood tests can also determine the intensity and quantity of them.
  • The next type is the blood gas test. During this test, blood is drawn from the arteries, and oxygen and carbon dioxide levels are determined.
  • A blood glucose test measures the amount of glucose in the blood. If your sugar levels are higher than prescribed, your doctor will give you some medicines that will help reduce them.

Advantages of home sample collection

  • Patients suffering from other health problems, as well as elderly people, find it difficult to travel to the diagnostic center. Thus, they can benefit greatly from the home blood test.
  • Many people experience panic attacks and anxiety when getting blood tests. It may increase in hospitals, so for such people, collecting blood samples in their familiar environment is a good idea.
  • Those who live far away from diagnostic centers and find it difficult to travel multiple times to the centers can use this facility.
  • Home sample collection can also help the person maintain complete anonymity. As most patients are uncomfortable and do not want to disclose certain diseases to others, home sample collection can help in maintaining complete anonymity. Only family members will be present.

How is the blood test done?

The blood test is done through a simple procedure. Let’s list them down briefly:

  • The arm where blood is to be collected is cleaned.
  • A tight rubber band or thread is tied so that the veins get visible.
  • The injection needle is inserted and blood is drawn.
  • After removing the rubber band, the puncture site is secured with a band-aid.

Final words

A blood test is beneficial and should be undertaken under the advice of a doctor. With blood tests, you can gain an understanding of the organs in the body. Many exciting blood test packages are available for people to access and get their blood tested. One such place is MDRC India which offers the best blood test packages and also the facility of home sample collection. It is one of the leading diagnostic centers in India with modernized and up-to-date facilities.

It has a highly professional team of doctors who operate incredibly to provide world-class facilities in cities like SrinagarKurukshetraYamuna NagarJaipurKolkataAmritsarGorakhpur, and Bhiwadi. You can also visit them on the website


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