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Home Blood Sample Collection - Full Body Tests

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Full Body Comprehensive tests are day by day becoming a necessity due to the increased chances of infections and chronic diseases. Post pandemic we all will agree on the fact that health is the only wealth we have. There were many mishaps during the covid times due to bad health. This has not just increased our awareness towards disease fighting but also towards keeping our body health in complete check.

Full body tests are thus, a magical boon in this regard for individuals looking for preventive health care. There are several benefits of these regular health check-up plans. Right from analyzing our overall body mechanism to alarming an individual towards any futuristic disease causes and not to forget is picking up any early signs of any chronic disease, this comes with a comprehensive body care promise as well. Thus, it is always recommended to take up regular yearly or half-yearly body examinations undergoing these tests.

Full Body Tests

  • Most of the time different diagnostic centers offer similar health care packages that would include a pre-defined set of tests that need to be conducted. However, based on the patient’s age, past disease records, and gender, a few tests might get added or deleted as well.
  • Most of the yearly or half-yearly full body tests come with a Vitamin D and B12 test along with 60 to 83 tests that will create the best understanding of the individual. These are performed under special medical attention and specially trained professionals who keep a better understanding of these functions.
  • The full-body tests are the best way to analyze your overall health condition. It consists of blood tests along with vitamin D and B12 tests. These tests are ideal for individuals between 30-40 years of age group. Most of the time, we experience weakness, tiredness, and fatigue during these age groups only.
  • Few of the blood tests can be conveniently dropped at the ease of your home however, for a few equipment-based tests, one needs to go to the center. Blood samples are professionally collected right from the comfort of your home under complete safety and hygiene measures. The best thing about these reports is their accuracy and timeline-based report generation.
  • One can access these reports from 24 to 48 hours post-test conduction. One can easily get their reports online and directed access them for further reference.

Most of the test packages cover the following-

  • CBC
  • Average Blood Sugar
  • Kidney Function Test
  • Lipid Profile
  • Liver Function Test
  • Thyroid profile
  • Urine Complete Analysis
  • Iron Profile
  • HbA1c
  • Vitamin D
  • Vitamin B12, etc.

Why Choose Home-Based Full Body Tests?

Home-based full body tests are becoming the need of the current times. Not just because the pandemic has already taught us a lesson of lesser exposure but also due to our busy schedules and lifestyles, this becomes our savior. In addition to this, home-based medicare assistance is simply a boon to the older groups.

Here are a few reasons one cannot deny opting for home-based full body tests-

  • Trained personnel performing the sample collection with absolute safety

Every medicare partner excels in keeping the most excelled and rightly trained professionals by their side. This personnel is well trained to handle all kinds of sample collection tasks with complete ease. Maintaining the right standards and safety mechanism is their utmost duty. So, you can be free with this.

  • Certified Labs

Every test booked with a branded home collection medicare partner is conducted complete supervision of experts by certified technicians. This means 100% verified and accurate results delivery. This makes them one of the most trustworthy medicare options for sample collection and test conduction. With certified and technologically upgraded labs, all the tests are conducted at the best level of accuracy.

  • 100% assured safety

Professionals visiting your home for the sample collection make use of PPE gears, perform regular sanitization, and undergo temperature checks to ensure 100% safety of the patients. Post pandemic this is one of the prime concerns of every individual.

  • Easy of home service

Home-based sample collections are performed with complete ease on your home premises. You can book your schedule as per your convenience and time schedule.

At MDRC (Modern Diagnostic & Research Centre), we offer well-planned, comprehensive care home-based sample collection plans for our clients. With an express work framework under exceptionally trained volunteers to lab technicians, we excel in all streams. So, no matter which city you are looking for the right medicare ranges from SrinagarKurukshetraYamuna NagarJaipurKolkataAmritsarGorakhpur, and Bhiwadi, we are right by your side. With accurate results and with the comprehensively designed package, you will surely get what you are looking for. Book your home blood sample collection with us, today!


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