Digital X Ray

The radiology department is equipped with DR (Digital radiography) system for the first time in diagnostic centre in Haryana. FDR-DEVO has installed to reduce radiation dose and also give better quality instant radiographic images.

Centre has also installed the most advanced CR system Perfect One from Fuji films. The x-ray images with CR system are always very sharp and clear. The images can be post processed to suit the individual examination. The centre was the first to install CR system in Haryana.

Centre has installed two X-ray machines at new railway road centre. One 50 kW/630 mA high frequency machine MARS 50 from Allengers for high quality x-rays at lower radiation doses. Other is 500 mA machine of Siemens with motorised table. Image intensifier has been installed for better quality special X-ray investigations in day light conditions.

Sector 44 has one 50 kW/630 mA high frequency machine MARS 50 from Allengers with Image intensifier for high quality x-rays at lower radiation doses. Long cassete for spine and limbs in one film is available at the centre. Centre also has US FDA approved system CR Classic from Carestream for high quality images.

Dry Imaging

Dry imager laser cameras have been installed for all the imaging modalities. These cameras give instant films that do not require wet processing with chemicals and thus are very environment friendly. Ours is the first centre in Haryana to have this completely dry imaging facility.

Special X-ray Investigations

Almost all special x-ray investigations are done in the centre such as IVU (Intra-venous urography), Barium swallow, Barium meal upper GIT, Double and single contrast barium enema, HSG ( Hystero-salpingography), Sinogram etc are done in the centre. Charges for special investigations include the standard cost of non-ionic contrast unlike other centers which charge it separately or ask you to bring the contrast.

Image Intensifier

This intensifies an image thousands of time its original, thereby enabling the x-ray image to be projected on a monitor and thus be seen in day light. This enables the investigation to be done in day light conditions instead of being done in the dark. There is also better visualization of the organs and hence there is better supervision during investigations and thus better quality of investigations are done. Image intensifier also substantially reduces the radiation dose to the patient and the operator.

Digital X Ray


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