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Emerald Tower, Pilibhit Bypass Road Chhoti Vihar , Bareilly , Uttar Pradesh - 243006, (India)

Modern Diagnostic & Research Centre Bareilly

Modern Diagnostic & Research Center also called MDRC is a very popular and reliable testing center in Bareilly. It is a facility that specializes in a large number of tests related to different situations. This one is the best in many ways. It is simply your one-stop solution to all the requirements needed in the medical field. This laboratory has state-of-the-art resources and highly-trained individuals. You should look nowhere further for getting your tests done in an affordable way. Having a look at the official website of Modern Diagnostic & Research Center, Bareilly, you will get more ideas about the available options.


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We have deep analytical control on all our labs and insist them

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All of our labs are fully automated, equipped with internationally


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We are at par with the medical tech-driven advances.

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Diagnostic labs now play a very important role in the treatment process. Since the diseases are quite complex to understand, the doctors rely a lot on the results of the tests. This is the main reason why you should get your tests done in time and accurately. Such things can be assured if you go to the best diagnostic lab in Bareilly. You will be able to get such results from only those labs that are equipped with highly modern facilities. People get such things for granted with MDRC, Modern Diagnostic and Research Center. Visiting this place for tests is always a worthy deal.

Home Sample Collection in Bareilly

Testing the blood samples give the doctors a lot of idea about the underlying situation. Different diagnostic tests related to blood can give the doctors more idea about the underlying situation. The biggest advantage of blood tests is that they give some really important insights into the health status of a patient. But getting those tests done in time has become a major issue for urban citizens. This is the main reason why MDRC offers the home sample collection in Bareilly. Getting these tests done has now become as easy as the tap of your fingers. Just go to the official website of MDRC and schedule your test.


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hematology and coagulation Emerald Tower, Pilibhit Bypass Road Chhoti Vihar , Bareilly , Uttar Pradesh - 243006, (India)


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