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1st Floor above DCB Bank, Ghala Mala chowk, Medical Enclave Majitha Road Bypass , Amritsar , Punjab - 143601, (India)

Modern Diagnostic & Research Centre Amritsar

Modern Diagnostic & Research Center is one of the prominent laboratories in Amritsar. There is a large number of such institutions but people tend to choose the one where they find enough convenience and facilities. Several medical situations are a bit complex and require multiple tests. This is the main reason why people choose laboratories that offer a wide range of tests. MDRC is one of the prominent labs in this category by offering about 2500 types of tests. Visit the official site of Modern Diagnostic & Research Centre, Amritsar. Whether it be tests related to blood or imaging, you will find them all at this one place.


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All of our labs are fully automated, equipped with internationally


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We are at par with the medical tech-driven advances.

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Best Diagnostic Lab in Amritsar

Finding a good diagnostic lab or any other thing via the internet is quite a complex task. Choosing the best one requires you to make several comparisons and other subtle considerations. But you will get rid of all those comparisons and other requirements if we suggest you the best name in the first place. Looking for diagnostic labs in Amritsar, there is nothing better than MDRC India. Based on the type of tests it performs and other facilities, it is often referred to as the best diagnostic lab in Amritsar. Equipped with all modern facilities, MDRC offers best-in-class services in its class.

Best Imaging Center in Amritsar

Imaging is one of the most important types of tests that people need in order to get some insights into your body. Apart from microbiological tests, imaging techniques still remain one of the most reliable and accurate tests to know about the underlying ailments in our body. In order to get this done in a convenient way, you need to rely on a facility where the test is performed with modern sets of equipment. This is exactly what you get here at MDRC. A large number of people consider it to be the best imaging center in Amritsar.

Home Sample Collection in Amritsar

Diseases can’t be cured without the proper idea of the underlying situation. Microbiology tests related to our blood are highly is important to know about the diseases. MDRC specializes in this field by giving additional features like collecting a sample from your home. We addressed the issues faced by a large number of people as they don’t have enough time to spend in lines or the transit between their homes and the laboratories. MDRC is one of the few such facilities that offer home sample collection in Amritsar. With such a nice feature, you will be able to do the tests without going anywhere. Visit their official website if you want to book one now.


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Majitha Road Bypass

1st Floor above DCB Bank, Ghala Mala chowk, Medical Enclave Majitha Road Bypass , Amritsar , Punjab - 143601, (India)


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