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MRI Scan

This 3T MRI is fully digital 24 channel system that gives crisp high resolution images for accurate diagnosis. It is a short length wide bore patient friendly system. All kinds of coils are available. This machine has some unique features to give you very high resolution images.


MRI Scan

TIM (Total Image Matrix) TechnologyTim technology is used to give seamless high resolution Images. Complete head to toe imaging in high resolution and imaging of Brain, Spine  and whole body parts is done in few minutes time. Excellent MR angiography for arteries and veins can be performed without contrast, which is of  great benefit in Renal compromised patients.

Cardiac Imaging
High quality imaging of heart and its functions.

Tractography or DTI Imaging
Delineates various tracts in the brain. This knowledge helps surgeon to perform operations avoiding these critical pathways.

Functional Imaging or BOLD Imaging
For localization of active areas of speech, motor function, visual, auditory and other functions in brain.

High-resolution musculoskeletal Imaging
To delineate various ligaments & cartilages in joints and other bone pathologies.

MR Mammography
Excellent high resolution MR Mammography images

Our state of the art machines provides accurate and reliable reports

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