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Colour Doppler Ultrasound

With the most advanced Echo-Cardiography Ultrasound and Color Doppler System from Philips which uses an X- Matrix Probe (>9000 piezoelectric crystals) and break-through pure wave single crystal technology to deliver high-quality images.


Colour Doppler Ultrasound

Some of the features are unique in the machine and not available elsewhere. The machine gives an extreme resolution for excellent 2D and LIVE 3D (4D) Images. It has extreme colour sensitivity. 3D images in cross-sectional view (all three planes). VOCAL (Volumetric organ calculation), Multislice CT like Images. PANORAMIC Images to include a wide area in a single image. Dynamic MR to give maximum resolution, Broadband frequency compounding, harmonic imaging etc.


  • Centre has the facility of Elastography. Elastography helps in the differentiation of benign tumours from malignant lesions. Elastography of liver, breast, cervix and prostate is conducted. Liver elastography is very useful in chronic liver diseases where it can assess fibrosis non-invasively and thus helps in follow up of these patients.
  • All kinds of 3D Scans

Color Doppler

  • To study the blood flow in pregnancy, carotid arteries, limb vessels (arteries and veins), renal arteries, testicular torsion, tumours etc are done on high-end machines.

Pregnancy -

  • Routine scans for foetal well being, growth retardations, foetal anomalies such as level I and level II scans etc.

Foetal echocardiography

  • For anomalies of the foetal heart is done.

Follicular and ovulation studies -

  • For infertility.

Trans Vaginal Scans

  • TRUS - Transrectal scan for prostate.
  • Ultrasound Contrast Imaging - Very few centres in India are doing this study.
  • Small parts examinations such as Eye, thyroid, breast, testis, musculoskeletal system etc.

4D Ultrasound

  • Centre has a very high-end ultrasound scan such as iU22, iE33 HD15 ultrasound machines. Matrix probe is available for real-time imaging in perpendicular planes as well as 3D imaging Apart from the emotional value of bonding with the unborn child, the 4-D Ultrasound has great diagnostic utility especially in the field of early detection of congenital anomalies. The centre has two high-end 4-D Colour Dopplers iU22 & iE33 from Philips. 3D helps in the differentiation of bicornuate uterus from the septate uterus

2-D Ultrasound

  • Despite the advent of 3D & 4D Ultrasound, the 2-D ultrasound still remains the gold standard for all kinds of obstetrical examinations. High-resolution TV scanning and follicular monitoring is available. Level-I and Level-II scans for detection of foetal anomalies are done. Pure wave crystal probe technology is the latest innovation in probe technology which results in exceptional B mode image quality which is all the more important in difficult to scan patients.

Our state of the art machines provides accurate and reliable reports

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