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Cone Beam CT with dedicated dental application software is used specially for Dental examination, treatment planning and Lab assistance. We have world's finest Planmeca CBCT machine giving high resolution image i.e. upto 75-micron with low radiation dosage. CBCT gives excellent information for Implant planning, Orthodontics, Endodontics, Oral and maxillofacial fractures, tumours, lesions and many other dental applications.



The scanned images can be directly sent to lab for implant surgical guide processing. We can also scan the impression and models which are helpful in the cases where patient cannot move to lab and even for patients in other cities, whose scan images can be used by the lab for smile designing, prosthesis, implant guide etc.


We have introduced this facility for the first time in Gurugram. 128 slice Dual Source CT gives images of 165 micron resolution of extremely low dose. These images are extremely useful for Implants. Dentascan is the only Imaging modality for dental use, giving the bone density quality i.e type of bone whether cancellous/cortical helping in best implant planning. Dentascan also helps in extended scan of head & neck region wherefracturs/tumours/lesions extend beyond the maxillo-facial area into head/neck region.


With Planmeca CBCT machine's smart PAN technique, we provide high resolution OPG images having excellent clarity with low radiation doses. OPG is used for complete view of maxilla-mandible, other associated bones with all teeth in one image, having multiple applications in Dentistry like scout radiographs, lesions/fractures, Implants, alveolar bone levels etc.

Lateral Cephalogram

With Planmeca CBCT machine, we also provide high resolution lateral cephalogram images with dedicated cephalometric tracings softwares which are highly useful in orthodontics treatment planning.

Dental X-ray

With Planmeca CBCT machine, we provide Smart PAN bite wings giving excellent information for teeth proximal areas, contacts, alveloar bone level and that too with ultra-low radiation dose.

Our state of the art machines provides accurate and reliable reports

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