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07 Jan 2021

What is the importance of molecular diagnostics?

What is the importance of molecular diagnostics?

Diagnostic tests are at the forefront of medical innovation, providing vital insights into patient health and transforming cancer care. Diagnostics provide critical insights at every stage of cancer care - prevention, detection, diagnosis, treatment, and successful management. With the potential to fundamentally change clinical practice, these technologies are intended to match the right patient with the right treatment at the right time.

The introduction and expanding use of molecular diagnostic tests to detect cancer and manage cancer care mark a major milestone and herald future progress in the fight against this disease. This brief report is intended to concisely summarize the complex science underlying the use of molecular diagnostics, particularly genetic tests, and their application in cancer screening, diagnosis, prognosis, treatment selection, and monitoring.

A combination of better prevention, earlier detection, increased public awareness, improved diagnosis, and more advanced therapies are driving progress in the fight against cancer. Since 1971, the percentage of the US population living with or after a cancer diagnosis has more than tripled.  Molecular diagnostic technologies are now emerging as a key contributor to reducing the burden of cancer in the future.

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