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Some Reasons Why You Might Need A CT Scan?

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If you get hurt or injured, or if you are sick, you would need to go to your doctor in order to find out what is wrong with you. In many cases, with the help of a physical and visual examination, the doctor can find out the problem. But in those cases where a visual examination is not enough to get to the root of the problem, diagnostic imaging can help immensely.

Diagnostic imaging is an extremely valuable tool to assist doctors with the examination of the internal organs, tissues, muscles, and bones of a patient. There are quite a few different diagnostic imaging techniques, and CT scan is the most common and highly effective imaging technique.

A CT scan will use x-rays to supply doctors with multiple images of the body’s insides. The patient has to lie down and an arc will transmit thousands of X-rays into the body and these x-rays are collected on the other side of the arc so that the strength between the beams can be compared. This process assists doctors in figuring out what is going on inside the body so that they can come to a diagnosis.

Here are Some of the Reasons Why you Might Need a CT Scan;

  • An MRI is Ruled out for Some Reason: No two imaging techniques are alike, and there are some factors that rule out certain types of scans depending on the patient. If you have an implanted device or metal prosthetics in your body, an MRI cannot be performed. A CT scan is lesser in sensitivity compared to an MRI and it also takes lesser time to be done. If you have an injury that prevents you from lying still for 30-60 minutes, the time it takes to perform an MRI scan, a CT scan is a better option.
  • Blood Vessels Need to be Examined: If you have a blockage in a vein or artery, CT scans are the way to go. They allow the doctor to inspect the blood vessels non-invasively. If there were no CT scans, then surgical biopsies or exploratory surgery would have to be performed. 
  • Tiny Bone Component Examination: CT scans are known to have very clear imaging results and so are invaluable to doctors when they have patients with injuries in their hands, feet, or spinal column. Traditional imaging techniques like X-rays will not be able to match a CT scan in terms of clarity and detail.
  • There is Soft Tissue Damage: A CT scan is able to furnish very clear and detailed images of the soft tissue around the bones as well as images of the bones in an explicit manner. So if you have soft tissue damage to the bone and its surrounding soft tissues, a CT scan in Gurgaon will allow the doctor to accurately diagnose your problem and provide you with a much better plan for recovery.
  • When Doctors will Operate on a Tumor: If a surgeon is performing a biopsy, the CT scan images help to guide them. The CT scan can help the doctor to ascertain the presence of the tumor, at the same time measuring it size and detailing its location. The CT scan can also help to see if the tumor has spread to adjoining tissues and cells.
  • Cancer Treatment: Because of the CT scans efficacy in detailing the images of soft tissues, they help oncologists to plan as well as administer the radiation treatment for their patients who have cancerous tumors. Also, CT scans help oncologists to monitor the response of the patient to chemotherapy, because they show the spread of cancer to other tissues and its extent.
  • Bone Examination for Skeletal Diseases: Besides providing doctors with images of bone injuries, organs, and soft tissue, a CT scan will also help a doctor with the diagnosis and treatment of skeletal diseases like osteoporosis and other bone-related diseases. CT scans can also compute the bone mineral density in patients with skeletal problems.
  • The Brain Needs to be Examined: According to the nature of the symptoms, the doctor might need to examine the internal structure of the head. A CT scan will help a doctor to examine the brain of the patient with a great deal of accuracy and detail. If your doctor suspects that you have suffered a brain injury or trauma, a CT scan will be ordered to help the doctor diagnose the extent and intensity of the injury.
  • The patient has had a Severe Accident: CT scans, being very fast and effective are always called upon in cases of severe accidents so that the internal injuries can be ascertained in a situation where speed is of the essence in saving the life of the accident victim.

There are many reasons why a CT scan is the order of the day, however, knowing these situations where a CT scan is used will help you to understand why your doctor has ordered this special diagnostic screening procedure. CT scans in Gurgaon hospitals find use in a multitude of pre-operative scenarios, providing doctors with very clear images of the insides of the body, helping in the diagnosis and treatment of the condition.

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