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How Good Are Home Sample Collections in India?

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The Covid pandemic has not just turned the tables in terms of preventive healthcare but most of the traditional forms of healthcare and concern, too. It was the fear of going out that initiated new forms of health care routines and care induced amongst the individuals. Nowadays, a greater number of patients prefer opting for a home-based medical care routine rather than stepping out of the home. This is not just convenient but also restricts the unwanted problems with reaching a place just to get yourself tested. This is how the need for home-based blood sample collections in India has gone high. With such simple and easier ways of home sample collection in India, testing, and online report generation, the time and energy of the patients are being saved.

Why go for Home Sample Collections?

Opting for home sample collection is one of the best ways to avoid any unwanted pressures and time scheduling in between our busy work life. There are several factors that refer to home-based sample collection as one of the most beneficial forms of routine healthcare, such as-

  • Professionally trained medical technicians

  • Medically trained and certified professionals for performing doorstep collection of the samples safe, hygienic, and hassle-free experience

  • Best medical facilitation at the ease of your home

  • High-quality equipment delivering the most accurate test results.

  • Special discounts on packages

  • Cutting-edge technology upgrades and modern equipment

  • Convenience at the best prices

  • No more unwanted travel just to deliver a sample

  • Best in industry diagnostic services

  • The easy and convenient booking process for sample collection and lab tests

  • Online access to quickly generated test reports with zero hassles.

  • Wide range of medical specialties, sample collectors, and correlated lab tests within the least turnaround time.

Home Sample Collection in India

  • These new changes and practices have also helped health institutions minimize the unwanted footfall on their premises leading to better productivity.  This is why, day by day, a greater number of healthcare providers are getting inclined towards using virtual modes of healthcare.

  • Right from online test bookings, home-based sample collections, virtual support assistance, and online reports generations. Everything thing in India is turning towards virtual forms. This in turn has overall increased the number of requests for home-based sample collections.

  • There are several healthcare brand names operating in the home-based sample collection regimes. Most of these are prompt, accurate, and open to assist at one’s convenience. Opting for a home-based sample collection is always the favorable and cost-effective way, without having to step out of your house.

5 Prime Advantages of Home-Based Sample Collection

Here are the top 5 advantages of home sample collection-

  • 1. Easier access to even the Remote Health Facilities: With home-based blood collection facilities, even patients who are living far from metro centers or good hospitals in nearby bigger cities, don’t need to travel around just for sample delivery.

  • 2. Sample Collection in Comfort of Home: With this, getting your sample collected at the convenience and comfort of your home is always the prime factor. No need to travel around. In fact, you can book your sessions as per your time schedule and availability.

  • 3. Convenient form of Sample Collection: Post-pandemic, home-based same collections have turned out to be the best and most convenient forms of clinical trials and tests. Herein, volunteers can conveniently collect samples from your home without any hassles.

  • 4. Better safety for the patients: Disease-prone, low-immunity and aged patients generally are vulnerable to picking up viral and bacterial infections. This becomes more susceptible if they need to visit a healthcare center for any tests. Remote blood collection thus, promotes the utmost safety of such patients and the healthcare providers, as well. Volunteers with collection kits reach home at your convenience to perform the collection.

  • 5. Ease and viability: With patients avoiding visits to hospitals or health care centers, home sample collections in India is the most viable option. In-person sample collection with fast forward lab tests and online reports generation has almost turned the tables in the healthcare industry. It is due to the ease, comfort, and safety standards that home-based collections are preferred in India.

At MDRC, we offer a wide range of home sample collection facilities for cities including- Gorakhpur, Kolkata, Amritsar, Kurukshetra, Srinagar, Yamuna Nagar, Jaipur, and Bhiwadi. Our trained professionals visit your homes at the ease and comfort of your premises and schedules. Processing the samples at our facilities under our exceptionally trained professionals, ensure the most accurate report generation within the least time. Therefore, Modern Diagnostic & Research Centre stands to lead the league in relative healthcare services in the current times. Best facility and experience are our USPs and we promise to deliver the best level of medicare facility at the best prices.


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