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Home Sample Collection - Book Blood Test at Home

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Looking for the most amazing experience even when you wish to shed some blood? Well! This is not about shedding your blood in some war. We are talking about giving your blood sample for further diagnosis. Well! Home sample collection is the new age trend when it comes to delivering samples to diagnostic centers rather than physically visiting the place and waiting in never-ending queues. Thanks to these online booking services that come associated with home-based sample collection methodology that taking a medical test is just like a click on your mouse.

All you got to do is book your blood test schedule as per your convenience and the volunteer will do the remaining. Book blood tests at home and get all your required blood tests performed in the comfort of your own home at complete convenience. No need to visit any diagnostic center, anymore with this. These technological advancements have not just simplified our lives but also bridged the gap between remote locations and their inability to perform home-based collections. It is due to these precise steps in the medical field that most of the significant tests can now be performed in the comfort of your home. With such a facility by your side, time and money can be saved in addition to the ease it adds to the entire process.

Can sample collection be done at home?

The entire idea of home sample collection revolves around offering the best facility for the patients to collect their precise samples at home.

Volunteers reach your home as per the timings booked for the sample collection without any hassles.

This has in turn minimized the number of physical visits required in the case of traditional healthcare, reports collection, and follow-ups.

Online reports are generated almost the same day, reducing the overall time cycle for health monitoring.

Home blood tests and accuracy

Home blood sample collection-based tests are as accurate as a physical sample delivery at a diagnostic center.

If your chosen health care partner is reliable, there are no chances of incorrect diagnosis and results generation.

After all, home-based samples also make their way to similar labs with highly qualified professionals performing their jobs with complete accuracy similar to the traditional lab-based tests.

The best thing about these tests is the quick turnaround time for report generation.

Pros and Cons of booking blood test at home

These days’ home-based blood sample collections are performed on a pan-India basis. There are almost a complete pool of multiple healthcare partners taking care of metro and their nearby destinations for sample collection. These partners also offer state-of-the-art medical facilitation and high-technology coupled equipment for accurate result delivery. However, like other facilities, these customer-centric facilities also have their double sides. So, it is always better to understand both sides before opting for them.


Predominantly diagnostic labs associated with these health care partners own next-level medical technology creating the most accurate test results and chances of error are nil. The turnaround time (TAT) for most of the test results is the shortest with these diagnostic dealings. here Credibility and professionalism in terms of reputation is their USP.

Home sample collection is simply a boon for senior citizens and for patients who are unable to make a physical visit to the center.

The accessibility of the reports is simple and easy with online test reports generation within the least time.

Apart from the regular medical diagnostic test, even the most expensive services associated with home-based sample collection are affordable and pocket friendly. Most of the mainstream centers are in nearby cities so, reaching even the remote areas becomes easy for the volunteers.


Despite having a pretty wider reach, a few of the healthcare partners might create concerns with visiting a few very remote areas. Make sure to check your area before making the appointment.

With individual volunteer collecting samples from houses, the concerns with punctuality in reaching the place and collection of the sample will always be there. If the person is not well versed with the residential area and its directions, delays are sure to happen.

Few of the medicare partners would not entertain sample collection facilities on Sundays or public holidays. This can surely handicap the process in case of any emergency.

Extreme situations may lead to late report generation, however, there is no compromise on the accuracy.

MDRC offers a comprehensive range of home-based sample collection facilities at the best price in top cities like - Srinagar, Kurukshetra, Yamuna Nagar, Jaipur, Kolkata, Amritsar, Gorakhpur, and Bhiwadi. Hassle-free booking process also enables booking your blood test at home comfortable and easy. So, what keeps you waiting? Next time you wish to take a home sample collection near me, do not forget to book the same at Modern Diagnostic & Research Centre for a reliable and cost-friendly offer.

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