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Differences and Similarities between X-Ray, CT scan and MRI

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If there is something wrong with you physically, you visit a doctor to get to the root of the problem. If the problem is superficial in a physical sense, the doctor will be able to successfully diagnose the problem and write out a prescription for your ailment. However, in many cases, the problem does not lie on the surface. For these cases, diagnostic imaging techniques have to be used to view the insides of your body. There are 3 main types of radiology services in Gurgaon that are in common use that doctors recommend and advise for help with diagnosing your issue. These are the X-ray, CT scan, and MRI or magnetic resonance imaging.

There are both similarities as well as dissimilarities between the above three methods that are available as radiology services in Gurgaon. Here they are;

There are a couple of similarities between X-rays, MRI’s and CT scans-

All three of the above are types of imaging scans. Both CT scans and X-rays can be finished in a matter of minutes. Again, the three imaging tools are used to diagnose diseases and medical conditions. Also, for all three of these tests, you have to remain very still until the scanning is finished.

The major differences between the three radiology services in Gurgaon are enumerated below;

Difference between X-ray and CT scan

Actually, the difference between X-ray and CT scan is quite minor, but it is nevertheless significant. X-rays are used by doctors to sniff out dislocations as well as bone fractures, along with detecting injuries to internal organs by utilizing a computer and the structure of the x-ray.

There are cases where x-ray machines cannot diagnose issues like damage to the muscles, soft tissues, or internal organ damage. However, with a CT scan, it is possible to see the internal organ and tissue damage. X-ray images come in 2D while CT scan images are in 3D. In a CT scan, the machine rotates all around the patient upon an axis and takes 2D pictures from many different angles. After that the computer dedicated to the CT scan will assemble all the 2D images which are cross-sectional in nature and composites them, creating a 3D image of the inside of the body. This shows the doctor the presence of injury or illness in the patient with radiology services in Gurgaon.

Difference between X-ray and MRI

Both x-rays and CT scans employ a tiny dose of ionizing radiation in order to produce their images.

However, an MRI does not function like that. It will use extremely powerful magnets as well as radio waves in order to create the inside images in place of ionizing radiation. Hence unlike a CT scan or X-ray, the MRI procedure will not expose you to radiation. The MRI machine utilizes a magnetic field that will make the protons in your body line up. Then there are short bursts of radio waves directed at the protons which make them relay a signal that the MRI scanner receives. After this, the computer will process the signal and create a 3D image of the examined part of the body. An MRI is the most sophisticated of the available radiology services in Gurgaon.

The images of a diagnostic CT scan are taken quicker than in the case of an MRI. While a CT scan, like an x-ray, can often take as little as 5 minutes, an MRI scan will take at least 30 minutes.

MRI scans and CT scans are used for different reasons by doctors. If the chest, head, fractures, or abdomen is injured, A CT scan is preferred. CT scans can also detect the presence of and location of a tumor.

An MRI does a stellar job of locating and showing different problems in the soft tissues, joints, ligaments, neck, and abdomen. They are the first choice if the doctor suspects a problem with the spinal ligaments.

Difference between MRI and x-ray

As enumerated above, an X-ray will expose you to ionizing radiation. With an MRI machine, there is no radiation. X-rays can be taken within 5 minutes while MRIs can take anywhere between 30 minutes to two hours, it all depends on what your doctor is trying to locate.

Again, X-rays are limited in nature in that they are used for scanning the body for a few suspected ailments. On the other hand, MRIs are much more versatile in nature, and they are used by doctors for a wide variety of conditions. As an example, x-rays are used for the examination of broken bones; however, they can also be useful in detecting heart disease. MRIs, are better for the examination of ligament and tendon injuries, spinal cord injuries, or even brain tumors.

If you suspect that you have a medical condition and need to see a doctor, please do so at the earliest. Medical intervention has saved many people in the past and will continue to do so. Your doctor will ask for the necessary radiology services in Gurgaon to be performed so that he can diagnose and treat your condition.

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