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Blood Sample Collection From Home

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Some Important Blood Tests and Why They Are Done

One of the prime methods by which you can keep a tab on your overall health and wellbeing is through regular blood tests. If you get tested at regular intervals of time, you would be able to observe how your body changes over time and be in an informed position to make decisions regarding your health. Blood tests in Gurgaon can be done through home blood sample collection services that do away with the need to travel to the laboratory.

Your doctor will recommend that you go through routine blood work once every year, ideally at the same time that you get your physical examinations. Some of the routine tests that are done are complete blood count (CBC), chemistry panel, thyroid panel, and nutrient tests to check for levels of vital nutrients.

Here are some common blood tests that you may have to go through regularly;

  • Complete Blood Count: A complete blood count test will check for the levels of at least 10 different constituents of each and every cell that is present in your blood. This includes red blood cells, white blood cells, and also platelets. Some of the most significant components that are measured through this test are the red blood count, hemoglobin as well as hematocrit. If the blood components show abnormal levels it could signify nutritional deficiencies, deficiency in iron, issues with the bone marrow, inflammation of tissues, infection, heart issues, or even cancer. A complete blood count can be processed through home blood sample collection services.
  • Basic Metabolic Panel: A BMP or a basic metabolic panel as it is better known as, checks for the concentration of certain compounds present in the blood. Some of these are electrolytes, calcium, glucose, potassium, sodium, chloride, carbon dioxide, creatinine, and blood urea nitrogen. Ask for home blood sample collection services to get this test done from the comfort of your home. For this test, you will need to fast for 8 hours before your blood is drawn. If the test shows unnatural levels, it could indicate diabetes, kidney disease, or even imbalances in the hormone levels. If so, your doctor will ask for follow-up tests to be done.
  • Complete Metabolic Panel: The complete metabolic panel tests all of the previous measurements of BMP along with additional substances and proteins that are intimate with the function of the liver. The test can determine the level of albumin, total protein, alkaline phosphatase, alanine aminotransferase, aspartate aminotransferase, as well as bilirubin. Abnormal levels of the above can indicate conditions like gallbladder inflammation, cirrhosis, hepatitis, liver damage, liver cancer, heart conditions, pancreatitis, bile duct blockage, or even Gilbert’s syndrome. If you find yourself unable to travel to the laboratory for the test, don’t worry as there are home blood collection services to collect your blood from your home and take it to the lab for tests.
  • Lipid Panel Test: This is a blood test that measures the level of two different types of cholesterol. One is the high-density lipoprotein or what we know as good cholesterol and the other is the low-density lipoprotein we know as bad cholesterol. HDL is beneficial because it flushes the harmful elements away from your blood while LDL is considered bad because it causes plaque to block up the arteries, leading to heart disease. For this test, you will need to fast for a minimum of 8 hours.
  • Thyroid Panel: In a thyroid panel test, it is checked how your thyroid is functioning, producing, and reacting to different hormones. These hormones are Triiodothyronine, T3 resin uptake, Thyroxine, and thyroid-stimulating hormone (TSH). Your thyroid is situated in the neck region and is a gland that is responsible for the regulation of your mood, metabolism, and overall energy levels of your body. It is fairly common to ask for home blood sample collection services for this test.
  • Enzyme Markers: Enzymes happen to be crucial proteins that aid in different chemical reactions in your body. Two of their functions are breaking the food down and helping with blood clotting. If the enzyme levels are abnormal it could signify many different conditions that you may be harboring. Some of the common enzymes that are tested for are Creatine Phosphokinase, CPK2, CPK3, and Troponin.
  • C-reactive Protein Test: The C-reactive protein is manufactured by the liver if the tissues in your body are inflamed. If the CRP levels are high, it is due to inflammation, which in turn could be due to artery inflammation, infections, inflammatory bowel disease, diseases of the heart, rheumatoid arthritis, cancer, or lupus.

Blood work procedure

If you have chosen home blood collection services, the visiting lab technician will

  • Clean your arm area from which blood will be drawn.
  • A rubber band will be tied to the upper arm so that your veins are visible
  • The needle will be gently inserted into the vein and blood will be drawn.
  • The needle will be removed from your skin and the rubber band will be taken off.
  • The puncture site will be covered with a Band-aid.

If your doctor has called for a particular blood test to be done, you should not get overly worried. In a vast majority of cases, blood tests are ordered for ruling out the possibility of diseases and there is nothing to get frantic about.

Book an online home sample collection appointment for a blood test at MDRC India, one of the best home sample collection services providers in Gurgaon.

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